5. Financial Information

Operating Budget

The PPSC’s entire budget is dedicated to operations – that is, to providing prosecution services.

In fiscal year 2012–2013, the initial budget of $174.3 million was increased during the year by $8.7 million. At year-end, the budget totalled $183 million. The main reasons for the increase were additional funding for new and renewed initiatives, renewed collective agreements, and unused funds from the 2011–2012 operating surplus. Additional information is provided in Table 1.

The decrease in budget from 2011–2012 to 2012–2013 was primarily due to lower funding for the relocation of offices.

Table 1: Total Budget ($ millions)
  2012–2013 2011–2012
  Budget at Beginning of the Year Additions Budget at Year-End Budget at Year-End
Total Net Budget 174.3 8.7 183.0 186.6
Personnel (including employee benefit plans) 125.6 1.5 127.1 126.7
Other Operating Costs 62.4 8.1 70.5 76.3
Receipts and Revenues Credited to Vote (13.7) (0.9) (14.6) (16.4)

Actual Spending

As illustrated in Table 2, the 2012–2013 actual net spending came to $163.4 million, an increase of $7 million over 2011–2012. The increase was primarily because payments to the service provider (Department of Justice Canada) for internal services were made in other operating funds instead of personnel funds, thereby decreasing the costs of personnel and increasing other operating costs. In addition, the other operating costs included increased spending for informatics hardware and software.

Table 2: Total Actual Net Spending ($ millions)
  2012–2013 2011–2012
  Actual Spending Actual Spending
Total Actual Net Spending 163.4 156.4
Personnel 97.0 99.8
Other Operating Costs 65.8 58.0
Contributions to Employee Benefits Plan 15.2 15.0
Receipts and Revenues Credited to Vote (14.6) (16.4)

Spending by Program Activity

The PPSC has three program activities. The budget as well as the actual spending is apportioned approximately 75% for drug, Criminal Code, and terrorism prosecutions, 9% for regulatory offences and economic crime prosecutions, and 16% for internal services.

The unused authorities of $19.5 million include savings realized as a result of the Budget 2012 Spending Review, funds not spent for the relocation of offices, a contingency reserve set aside for the Integrated Market Enforcement Teams, and an operating surplus.

Table 3: Spending by Program Activity ($ millions)
  2012–2013 2011–2012
  Budget at Year-End Actual
Total Net Spending 183.0 163.4 19.6 30.2
Drug, Criminal Code, and terrorism prosecution program 132.8 122.7 10.1 19.4
Regulatory offences and economic crime prosecution program 19.4 14.5 4.9 5.2
Internal Services 30.8 26.2 4.6 5.6
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