4. Corporate Priorities

Engagement and Employee Development

The PPSC’s work on this priority focuses on creating a workplace characterized by respect and reflective of the PPSC culture of diversity and inclusiveness, where employees are invited to use the official language of their choice, and where harassment and discrimination are not tolerated.

In 2012–2013, the PPSC began the adoption of the Common Human Resources Business Process, which will help to deliver human resources systems more effectively. The Terms of Reference of the Human Resources Management Committee were revised and a new accelerated meeting schedule was established. The PPSC Public Service Employee Survey Action Plan was approved and communicated to all staff in November 2012 and regional action plans were collected to further expand on activities to address survey findings.

The Federal Prosecutor Development Program, a comprehensive program of training, mentoring, and on-the-job activities for new prosecutors, was launched in the spring of 2013 and will be phased in over the coming year.


The PPSC has in place a security program that seeks to provide a safe and secure working environment for employees and to protect the information under its stewardship.

Over the course of the year, the PPSC responded to reported incidents of intimidation through its Employee Protection Program, which provides protective measures for staff who face threats as a result of their work. The Security Services Section participated in the design of PPSC offices in order to ensure that physical security features were incorporated during office improvement projects. Awareness sessions were offered to PPSC offices across the country in order to increase employee awareness about security practices and policies regarding security of employees, offices and information.

Measures undertaken to protect information included awareness sessions on information management and security marking of documents in compliance with the Security of Information Act and the Policy on Information Management. As well, the Section provided advice and operational support across the country on access control and employee identification, procurement of secure cabinets and containers, and screening for security clearances of personnel.

Resourcing and Performance Management

As a federal government organization, the PPSC is accountable for maximizing efficiencies within available resources and reporting on its performance. The availability of reliable performance information is central to the PPSC’s ability to accurately portray its activities and results, as well as to support planning, decision-making, and funding strategies.

The PPSC relies on data drawn from its case management system for both planning and reporting purposes. Modifications brought to this system in 2012–2013 have focused on improving the capture of data on, for example, what charges were laid and when, as well as information on charges that carry mandatory minimum penalties. Such changes enhance the PPSC’s capacity to report on prosecution activities in greater detail.

Advancing the PPSC’s Relationships with Investigative Agencies

The PPSC recognizes the importance of maintaining collaborative relationships with the police and investigative agencies, while respecting the independence of each organization. Good relationships with investigative agencies ensure that both the PPSC and the agencies exercise their respective roles independently, but co-operatively, and help to maximize the PPSC’s effectiveness and efficiency as a prosecution service.

In June 2012, the PPSC implemented service standards that establish what police and federal investigative agencies may expect from PPSC legal staff regarding matters such as the PPSC’s normal business hours, response time for a request for a legal opinion, and when they can expect to be consulted by the PPSC. Mechanisms and tools to monitor the implementation of the service standards are being developed in consultation with Chief Federal Prosecutors.

The PPSC continues to participate in interagency committees and working groups, including the IMET Executive Committee and the Securities Fraud and Economic Crime Prosecutors Affiliation. The PPSC also holds bilateral meetings with the RCMP and other investigative agencies at least annually to discuss investigations, prosecutions, legal issues, and respective roles and responsibilities.

The PPSC has entered into MOUs with several investigative agencies which set out roles and responsibilities and affirm our independence as an organization.

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