Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

On March 23, 2004, the Government announced a new policy on the mandatory publication of contracts over $10,000.

This Web site provides information on contracts issued by or on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada. Every three months we will be reporting contracts awarded by the institution in the previous three months.

Since October 31, 2004, and every three months thereafter, this Web site has been updated to include information on new contracts awarded.

On June 19, 2008, the policy was changed to also require the disclosure of contract amendments valued over $10,000.

Effective October 31, 2012, amendments to the Guidelines on the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts require that contracts over $10,000 issued to former public servants in receipt of a pension under the Public Service Superannuation Act after January 1, 2013 be identified as such.

The PPSC retains the services of private-sector lawyers as agents to conduct prosecutions where it does not have a regional office or where it is impractical or otherwise not cost-effective for staff counsel to handle cases. The PPSC’s Agent Affairs Program operates under a regime of fixed-term agreements for agents, for a period of a maximum of five years. Agents are remunerated according to hourly rates established by the Treasury Board, based on their years of experience.

For transparency purposes, the Disclosure of Contracts Reports includes each agreement signed during the referenced quarter, at a value of $0.00. The last quarterly report for each fiscal year will include the total annual amounts paid to the agents.

The rules and principles governing government contracting are outlined in the Treasury Board Contracting Policy. The objective of government procurement contracting is to acquire goods and services, including construction services, in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness and results in best value to Canada.

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