5 Financial Information

Operating Budget

During fiscal year 2014–2015, the PPSC was allocated an operating budget of $176.7 million. In addition, the PPSC had authority to spend up to $22.7 million recovered from other government agencies for prosecution activities related to their mandates.

Spending by Program

The PPSC has four programs, which are grouped under two strategic outcomes. The first strategic outcome relates to the prosecution functions of the PPSC, while the second relates to the compliance and enforcement functions of the CCE. In addition to these programs, the PPSC also has a number of administrative services grouped under the heading “Internal Services”.

Information about the spending for each program and for internal services is provided in Table 1.

Table 1: Spending by Program
($ millions) 2014–2015
Budget at Year-End Spending
Strategic Outcome 1
Drug, Criminal Code, and terrorism prosecution program 133.0 133.0
Regulatory offences and economic crime prosecution program 40.5Table note * 37.3Table note **
Internal Services 22.6Table note 20.9Table note
Strategic Outcome 2
Compliance 2.8 2.8
Enforcement 0.5 0.5
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