Message from the Director of Public Prosecutions

I am pleased to present the Annual Report 2014–2015 of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC).

The PPSC is responsible for prosecuting cases under federal jurisdiction in a manner that is fair, impartial, and objective, and for providing high-quality legal advice to investigative agencies.

Over the past year, PPSC prosecutors have worked on a wide range of cases, many of which were highly complex and attracted considerable public attention. The increasing focus of investigative agencies on combating terrorism, for example, has prompted us to assign additional counsel in offices across Canada to work on these proceedings.

Through all of their work, our prosecutors exemplified the PPSC’s key values of respect, integrity, excellence, and leadership.

In 2014–2015, the PPSC welcomed the Commissioner of Canada Elections to the organization. A statement of principles was developed to reflect the fact that the Commissioner and the Director exercise their statutory duties independently from each other, even while operating within the same organization.

The PPSC Executive Council has renewed its strategic organizational priorities for 2015–2016, and expects to continue to work on these priorities over the next few years. They are:

I would like to thank all PPSC employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year, which enable the organization to consistently deliver on its mandate.

Signature of Brian Saunders

Brian Saunders
Director of Public Prosecutions

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