4 Corporate Priorities

Engagement and Employee Development

The PPSC seeks to offer employees a rewarding career with diverse opportunities and intellectually challenging work. In 2011-2012, the PPSC made considerable progress on this priority.

Phase I of the LA Group Project “Ensuring Excellence” was completed. Initiatives in this phase included:

Work continued on the PPSC’s learning framework. A learning policy was finalized and new systems and tools were implemented to ensure a fair and consistent learning approach across the organization.

The Employment Equity and Diversity Committee and the Official Languages Committee developed a series of tools and processes to ensure a healthy and respectful workplace.

A workforce census and voluntary self-identification campaign was conducted for the purposes of Employment Equity.

Project Flatlined

During the summer of 2011, a gang war between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machine over control of the drug trade took place in Winnipeg. The conflict led to several bombings and shootings between the gangs. In response, police targeted the Hells Angels’ support club, the Redlined, through a lengthy wiretap and proceeds of crime investigation, Project Flatlined. After a ten-month investigation, a total of sixteen people, including the leadership of the Redlined and the Hells Angels member who directed the Redlined, were arrested for offences related to the trafficking and production of cocaine and proceeds of crime offences committed in association with the criminal organization. Criminal organization peace bonds were sought for another nine persons belonging to either the Hells Angels or the Redlined to control their movements and associations in order to prevent future organized crime activity. Prosecutions related to Project Flatlined are ongoing.

R. v. Scott Everett Pedersen and Vincente Serrano-Hernandez

In January 2010, Scott Pedersen and Vincente Serrano-Hernandez left Panama in Mr. Pedersen’s boat, the Huntress, bound for Port Hardy, British Columbia. The vessel was transporting 1,001 kilograms of cocaine. In March 2010, a surveillance aircraft observed the vessel meeting with a Zodiac-style vessel. Three meetings were observed, and after each meeting, the Zodiac travelled to an isolated beach on the north coast of Vancouver Island. When the Huntress arrived in Port Hardy, the RCMP seized and searched the boat, but no cocaine was found on board. However, a search of the isolated beach resulted in the discovery and seizure of 37 duffle bags containing the cocaine, as well as a Zodiac boat and engine.

Mr. Pedersen and Mr. Serrano-Hernandez were charged jointly with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and were convicted at a trial concluded in July 2011. They were each sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment. The vessels and their contents were also forfeited.

Safety and Security of Employees

Ensuring the safety and security of its employees is of paramount importance to the PPSC. Due to the nature of their work, PPSC employees face the risk of direct and indirect threats to their safety.

The PPSC continues to work on the implementation of its Employee Protection Program – a framework and resources for the prevention of, as well as the management of and response to threats or acts of intimidation targeting PPSC staff.

Measuring Organizational Performance

As a federal government organization, the PPSC is accountable for reporting on its performance. The availability of reliable performance information is central to the PPSC’s ability to effectively describe its activities and results, as well as to support planning, decision-making and funding strategies.

In 2011-2012, the PPSC finalized standards for services provided to police and federal investigative agencies. In addition to the PPSC policy manual, the service standards establish what investigative agencies may expect from PPSC legal staff regarding matters such as the PPSC’s normal business hours, response time for a request for a legal opinion, and when an agency can expect to be consulted by the PPSC.

In addition, the PPSC simplified and restructured various data sets in its case management system, in order to improve data quality.

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