5. Financial Information

Fiscal Year 2010-2011

Table 1: Total Budget ($ millions)
  Budget at Beginning of the Year Additions to Budget During Year Budget at Year-End
Personnel (including employee benefit plans) 110.2 7.8 118.0
Other Operating Costs 60.0 8.5 68.5
Receipts and Revenues Credited to Vote -11.3 -2.3 -13.6
Total Net Budget 158.9 14.0 172.9

Additions to Budget During Year Budget at Year-End
Integrated Proceeds of Crime Initiative, measures to address contraband tobacco, the appointment of Crown Witness Coordinators under Victims of Crime Initiatives 5.4
Salary Adjustments (including collective agreements, cost containment measures, employee benefit plan adjustment) 2.4
Unused Budget carry-forward from 2009-2010 6.2
Total Additions 14.0

Table 2: Total Actual Net Spending ($ millions)
  Actual Spending
Personnel 90.3
Other Operating Costs 55.5
Contributions to Employee Benefit Plan 14.1
Total Spending 159.9
Receipts and Revenues Credited to Vote -13.6
Total Net Spending 146.3

Table 3: Total Actual Net Spending by Program Activity ($ millions)
  Budget at Year-End Actual Spending Unused Authorities
Drug, Criminal Code, and terrorism prosecution program 130.5 111.9 18.6
Regulatory offences and economic crime prosecution program 17.3 13.1 4.2
Internal Services 25.1 21.3 3.8
Total Net Spending 172.9 146.3 26.6

Explanations of the Unused Budget Budget at Year-End
Frozen allotment*: Mandatory Minimum Penalties under the National Anti-Drug Strategy 6.5
Frozen allotment*: Restoring the effectiveness of Federal Policing 6.5
Frozen allotment*: Cost Containment Measures 0.1
Surplus related to operations 13.5
Total 26.6

* A frozen allotment indicates that spending is not permitted until a specific condition established by Treasury Board has been met. Adjustments have been made to the employee benefit plan and revenues to reflect the actual spending and recoveries.

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