Message from the Acting Director of Public Prosecutions

I am pleased to present the Annual Report 2007-2008 of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC).

Last year’s Annual Report chronicled our creation as well as our first few months of existence. This report is the first to cover a full year of operation.

Created by the Director of Public Prosecutions Act to represent the federal Crown in criminal matters in courts across Canada, the PPSC delivered prosecutorial services and provided legal advice in 2007-2008, pursuant to its legislated mandate, and continued its transition from the former Federal Prosecution Service of the Department of Justice Canada to a new independent organization.

In our Annual Report 2006-2007, we noted that the PPSC transition involved three phases. When the Report was tabled in Parliament in June of 2007, we had already completed two of these phases. While we expect the last phase of our transition to continue throughout the coming year, our progress to date clearly demonstrates that we are well placed to succeed not only in completing the transition but in the years ahead.

In 2007-2008, the PPSC established its governance structure and began developing its corporate services model. The governance structure includes an Executive Council and Senior Advisory Board, supported by committees with members from its various regional offices. In the area of corporate services, PPSC-wide progress continued in areas such as finance, human resources services, administrative services, communications and strategic services.

During 2007, the PPSC Executive Council announced four corporate priorities to guide the PPSC in 2008-2009. The priorities all have an operational focus, reflecting the nature of our mandate. The priorities are:

I would like to acknowledge the dedication and determination of all PPSC staff who have taken on new challenges and become part of our successful PPSC team. Throughout this period of change, prosecutors and staff have maintained the high level of dedication and professionalism for which they are known.

I am confident in our people and in our organization, as we look to the year ahead and to the new challenges we will face. Our continued success and effectiveness as an organization is a reflection of the contributions of many towards a common goal: the promotion of the public interest.


Brian Saunders

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions

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